The Handstand Programme:

- How to Balance a handstand

The Handstand Programme

Why You Need This Programme

Learning how to do a handstand is a fun challenge, with given the right tools you are more capable than you realise. We provide you with a clear roadmap and a solid step by step process on how to train properly, so you can practice confidently.

With our progressive step by step plan, you’ll keep making steady progress toward your handstand goals.

The Feature Highlights

Progressive Learning

Learn (or clean up) the foundations of your handstand practice. 

Weekly Planning

We provide you with important questions and a guideline to help document your progress

Drills & Tricks

 Your kick up entry into a handstand, how to develop balance, and specific drills to help engrain technique


The details in the tutorials give you in depth knowledge and helps with unanswered questions.

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  • The Handstand Guide: Learn to Balance a Handstand
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  • 4 Week Programme
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The Handstand Guide starts with a 4-week video course that helps you develop (or clean up) the foundational components of your handstand practice — Your kick up entry into a handstand, how to develop balance, and specific drills to help engrain technique into your practice.

What our customers are saying:

Great Progress! I now know the fundamentals to balance

I fell in love with Pip's teaching method and now have a clear vision to what it takes and what I need to do, to balance.

Halli  //  Student

Finally an easy programme to follow! 

I feel like I was going around in circles and not progressing for years because I just didn't know what to do. Finally an easy programme to follow! I now know what to do! Thank you!

Franc  //  Student

PIP ELYSIUM  //  Teacher & creator

In 2017, I opened the first AcroYoga Studio in Central London, UK. Which soon after followed with a second Studio opening.

As an internationally recognised AcroYoga Expert, Yoga Teacher and Handstand Teacher I have been featured on the front page of Yoga Magazine & Om Yoga Magazine. Articles in Well-being Magazines and Newspapers such as TheTelegraph, highlighted as 'Mesmerising'. Being one of London's top teachers for Wanderlust, you can find my 12 Week Yoga Series online with Wanderlust TV.

Pip brings the beauty of movement and exceptional quality of line to the demonstration of AcroYoga. Co Founder of AcroYogaDance, Pip is dedicated to inspire and help students achieve their dreams, encourage success and rise to the top of their capability.

Pip Elysium x

The Best 

Investment For:

- Handstand Practitioners desiring a better line or balance

- Yogi's who are stuck for understanding

- Complete Beginners

Stop the guesswork. Get a proven plan that REALLY works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it for beginners?

Of course! This programme is great for anyone is on their journey or who would like to balance a handstand

Do I need to beable to do a handstand already?

No! You don't. We start from the foundations. If you already have a handstand practice these tools will compliment your already existing practice.

I've done some handstand practice, is it for me?

Of course. If you are on your journey towards balancing a handstand and not quite there or would like to refine your posture, then this course is for you.

How long will it take to complete?

It depends on many variables. Such as, how much you practice, your past background in movement, your connection with your handstand

A guestimate is that you will start to balance within 2-3 months if you follow the programme consistently.

Will I have access to every module?

In theory, yes. Although we recommend that you follow the level that you are on for you to progress in a way that's safe and achieveable.

Do I need to do the training every week?

Only to what is safe and capable for you. It's recommended to do a little bit each day with rests days.

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